Promoting Good Trade

We offer strategic value-added services for businesses.

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Who We Are

Promoting Good Trade (PGT) was founded in 2015 to offer strategic value-added services to businesses.

We are a team of experienced professionals passionate about Promoting Good Trade.

Our Values

Integrity, Congruence, Prudence, Perseverance, Professionalism, Trust.

Our Expertise

Planning, Anticipation, Commitment, Creativity, Teamwork, Customer Orientation.

What We Do

We offer value-added strategic services to private and public organizations in multiple sectors and in various areas. Our services include: strategic business planning; integration and alignment of corporate processes; supply chain development to reach new markets; strategic consulting and advice on government-related matters, and consultation related to the investment, import, commercialization, distribution, and export of products and services.

Our Services

We offer strategic and tactical support for

  • Advisory on foreign direct investment, import, commercialization, distribution and/or export of products and/or services
  • Market research and strategic business planning
  • Aligning business processes to the HQ and Mexican requirements
  • Strategic advice in compliance with Mexican legislation
  • Providing business solutions to foreign trade, customs and corporate matters
  • Establishment of the company and/or navigating changes in corporate residence
  • Interacting with Mexican tax & government agencies and procedures
  • Tax-Fiscal compliance, VAT claims to the Mexican Tax administration and recovery of fair returns
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How We Do It

We make strategic connections and provide specific solutions to our local and international clients. For each project, we establish a client-specific working methodology so we can implement the recommended measures and obtain the desired results. The result is a trusting, collaborative approach that lets us satisfy our clients.

Connecting the Parts

What Inspires Us

Challenge, Adventure, Vocation, Learning, Contributing, Sharing, Flexibility, Connection, Well-being, Experience.

By living our values, we lead by example to positively influence our clients, suppliers, partners, collaborators, and our society.

The Benefit of Good Trade

Economic growth toward better and more productive exchanges that meet consumer needs and improve the quality of life.


To initiate, activate, stimulate, encourage or favor. The word comes from the Latin promovēre, which combines pro (in front) and movēre (to move or push forward).


To possess moral goodness; of a higher quality than its peers; being appropriate for a purpose; desireable or welcome.


To undertake strategic and tactical activities that lead to agreements about the exchange of goods and services. By profitably serving the needs of customers and providers, the outcome—in quality, price, quantity, place, and time—is satisfying to both.

Brand Rationale

We took great care when developing our logo, specifically choosing each component before uniting them to form the perfect symbol of our work.


To learn more about how we can support you, please send a brief message about your needs and the services you require, and we will contact you.

Tel: +52 (55) 8000 8351
Javier Barros Sierra #540 Torre 1
Piso 5 Col. Lomas de Santa Fé, CDMX